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Contract Law and Drafting

We understand that contracts are a daily part of all business.

Contracts are negotiated and entered into with customers, suppliers, consultants, employees, shareholders, investors, creditors, and more.  The terms in the contract control the relationship between the parties.  These relationships can determine if your business is successful or not.  We review contracts not only for your best legal position but with an understanding of complex relationships that businesses have with all these parties.

We know that contracts must be drafted with an eye for detail toward keeping all your relationships strong.  Details in drafting avoid the expensive and lengthy litigation if the relationship is terminated rightly or wrongly.   Towards this need for detail in contract drafting, all business owners should understand that if a written contract is not used, they face the uncertainly of having a third party (Judge or Jury) determine what the contract terms are for the current relationship.

We use experience to anticipate possible problems that a relationship could face and draft the contracts to address these problems. We draft many contract types including but not limited to the following:

  • Leases
  • Buy and  Sale of Goods
  • Real  Estate Transfers
  • Acquisition  and Mergers
  • Loan  Agreements
  • Equipment  Sale and Purchases
  • Rental  Agreements